Al Jubail 31951, KSA.

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Boiler & Component Repair

STCL provides expert boiler Services including inspection, Maintenance & repairs for Industrial Boilers & Components.

Portable Steam Boiler

STCL maintains a large fleet of boilers in the Eastern Area of SA; available on an emergency basis 24 hrs A day anywhere in the Kingdom of SA.

Boiler Maintenance

STCL conducts a comprehensive maintenance program for all boiler types proceeded by a well-engineered review of Boiler condition & Operating history.

Boiler Condition Assessment

STCL is an expert in boiler condition assessment Implementing a high level of know-how and Engineering. The boiler condition assessment Prog conducted by STCL phase program looking Into boiler operation/maintenance history, inspecting the boiler & providing a well-engineered report of the boiler condition.

Flue gas Analysis & Environmental Control

STCL helps boiler operators adhere to environmental regulations by continuous boiler flue gas analysis helping in optimizing combustion systems to perform efficiently & environmentally friendly.


STCL Is looking at the future and making efforts including seeking innovation, environmentally friendly, and cost-reducing solutions to be finding their way into our next-generation boilers with great emphasis and sustainability.

01: Designing

STCL gets involved in all stages STCL delivers Of boiler making starting from boiler fabrication standard as per exact fit & interface with all accessories boilers with all Design to fabrication, Inspection, with high-quality req Operation & maintenance.

02: Fabrication & Quality Assurance

Boilers are fabricated to the best Of boiler making starting from boiler fabrication standard as per ASME/ IBR 1950 Reg. With a great Operation & maintenance. Emphasis on the QA process. Level of safety.

03: Installation & Accessories

Boilers are installed by STCL with the exact fit & interface with all accessories boilers with all required to maintain an excellent Level of safety.


Including a Series of tests To ensure the best Performance.

Product Categories:

Air Preheater
Boiler Accessories
Feed Pump
Industrial Valves
Safety & Security
Portable Valve Actuator
Steam Piping
Blowdown Piping
Feed water Piping

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